I don't have a delivery fleet.
How can I sell deliveries?

 This is the question that many restaurant owners ask themselves and it is easy to understand why.

Before we dive into detail on how you can use other delivery fleets are your own and not pay for them, I want you to make sure you first have a website and your own online ordering platform on it.

If you don’t have this yet, you can see how to get it set up here.

Hiring drivers to be able to sell deliveries can be a hassle. You have to go through the trouble of interviewing people to then do a background check to verify their driving record (to make sure they are a good fit). Then you have to buy a vehicle or find a way to compensate your drivers for theirs. Once they are hired, you have to follow a whole training and onboarding process while complying with local labor regulations. 

Then how do you handle the logistics? How do you keep track of their time and their mileage? How do you plan their route? Not to mention, many don’t even know if it will be worth it because they don’t know whether they will eventually be able to sell enough deliveries to go through all that trouble.

Great news restaurant owners! 

There is a better alternative, at least to begin with.

Many delivery drivers are self-employed gig workers, meaning they don't tend to wear uniform or other restaurant branding. This allows the delivery experience to be adaptable to your restaurant.
Using your own online ordering platform lets you as the restaurant owner charge your customers a delivery fee based on mileage or location so that you can eliminate or reduce these costs.

You can actually start selling deliveries without hiring extra people, without worrying about cars, and without having to worry about labor laws because you can actually use other delivery fleets as your own. You don’t have to bring them to your team as employees, instead, you can pay them for their service as you go, meaning you only pay them per delivery as the orders come in.

 The big advantage is that you can start selling deliveries, without taking on the risk of investing in extra employees and equipment. Each driver uses his or her own car and you don’t have to worry about the logistics, that is because if your online ordering platform has a public API that can connect with these services, the platform itself can request a driver on your behalf each time an order comes in and send them all the information they need to pick up and drop off the food.

The best part? As the restaurant owner, you don’t have to pay for it. You charge this cost straight to your customer, and the rest can be taken care of.

It might sound difficult to set up and use but it isn’t. If you followed my steps in my other training, How To STOP Uber Eats, And Others From Taking 30% Or More Of Your Revenue With This Tutorial, then by now you should know not only how to set up your own online ordering platform, but also how to take full control of your deliveries and set up how much you want to charge per mile and which area you want to sell to.

Follow along with this easy tutorial below to learn now how you can get your orders delivered to your customer without having to hire delivery personnel and see how you can use Postmate’s delivery fleet as your own.

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